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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Reading and Writing Creative Nonfiction

HNR 340 - You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Reading and Writing Creative Nonfiction

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Term: Fall 2016
Class #: 17098
Section: M004
Credits: 3

Prof. Eileen Schell

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T TH 12:30 - 1:50 p.m.

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Course Description:

In this writing workshop on creative nonfiction, you will have the opportunity to write about experiences, people, places, and events that strike you and others as intriguing and even unusual.   You will learn about and practice the elements of creative nonfiction such as scene, setting, dialogue, characterization, summary, and reflection  We will also practice some of the foot work  and head work that creative nonfiction requires:  observing, interviewing, interacting, shadowing, and researching. As we write and revise nonfiction pieces, you will also read both book-length and essay-length works of creative nonfiction, exploring a variety of styles, voices, and forms. This course will be synched up with the Nonfiction Reading Series of the Writing Program, and you will have the opportunity to meet and hear the work of writers who will appear in the series.

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