What’s in the Business News? Multiple Perspectives on Issues and Events/Honors

BUA 400 - What's in the Business News? Multiple Perspectives on Issues and Events/Honors

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Term: Spring 2016
Class #: 48590
Section: M003
Credits: 3

Prof. Catherine Maritan

Counts toward:
HNR Soc Sci, Interdisciplinary, Public Presentation

Course Time(s):
T TH 9:30 - 10:50 am


Course Description:

This course is about learning to analyze current business issues and events, especially ones that are particularly interesting to you and relevant to your main area of study.

A non-business student will learn new concepts, tools and frameworks for analyzing industries and companies, and combine them with theories or conceptual lenses you bring from your own major. For example, you see a food company announce a move to non-GMO ingredients and ask “why?” A Biology major might tackle that question by combining knowledge of biotechnology with newly learned business tools for analyzing the company’s competitive strategy to explore the role of science in the decision. A Sociology major could look at that same decision and use the same business tools to analyze the strategy but bring the lens of social movement theory to try to better understand what might have influenced the change in sourcing.

Or, you might read that a Hollywood studio is pushing filmmakers to shoot with only digital cameras and not use “real film” and wonder how that might matter and to whom. Industry analysis tools from the course can shed light on economic factors driving film and television production from analog to digital images. But, a Television, Radio & Film major can also bring knowledge of the creative aspects of visual storytelling to investigate the artistic consequences of that industry trend and a Computer Engineering major will have technical knowledge to better explain important drivers of the trend.

Whitman majors and dual majors enrolled in the course will share what they have already learned about topics such as analyzing industries and companies, competitive positioning, corporate strategy, financial statement analysis and other business topics with their fellow students. In turn they will have the chance to learn how to re-examine familiar business issues from other disciplinary perspectives.

Class sessions are devoted to studying a variety of analytical tools and conceptual lenses, and applying those tools and lenses to current stories reported in the business press. The format is highly interactive with regular discussions and presentations. For the major course project, students will take a multidisciplinary approach to the analysis of economic, social, or technical issues associated with a specific business problem or situation.


Requirements and Prerequisites: • This course is limited to Juniors and Seniors. Sophomores with instructor permission - contact Professor Maritan at cmaritan@syr.edu if you are a sophomore interested in the course. • For Whitman students: MGT 247, MAR 255, FIN 256, SCM 265 must have been completed