We All Need Music, and Music Needs All of Us

HNR 100 - We All Need Music, and Music Needs All of Us

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Term: Spring 2016
Class #: 48268
Section: M005
Credits: 1

Prof. Andrew Waggoner

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T 3:30 - 4:50 pm


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In this seminar we'll examine concepts of race through music, genres and traditions at the margins of culture and historical period, nominally “pure” styles practiced by musicians of different races, and hybrid styles born out of cultural mixing and, sometimes, co-option. We’ll try to get to the heart of how music, particularly when practiced at a high conceptual and technical level, shatters notions of cultural or ethnic singularity, and offers a model of cross-racial exchange that transcends political and social boundaries. We’ll deal a lot with jazz, as well as with rock and funk, Hip-Hop, the madrigal, Indonesian gamelan, Turkish and Armenian musics, and Baroque “national” styles (English; French; German; Italian). We’ll do it all through listening, reading, attending performances, and free, uncensored, but ultimately safe and mutually-supportive conversation.