Water in Arid Regions

HNR 350 - Water in Arid Regions

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Term: Spring 2021
Class #: 42538
Section: M004
Credits: 3


Counts toward:
HNR Nat Sci, Course Global, Interdisciplinary

Course Time(s):
MW 12:45pm-02:05pm


Course Description:

Water systems play an important societal role in delivering a vital resource for potable, agricultural, and industrial use. Climate, society, policy, politics, and economy impact the way these systems are managed.

In this class, we will examine the nature of development of water distribution systems, their management and regulation in two different regions of the world – Israel and the Western United States.

This course includes a project-based activity and a simulation of an interstate committee among the seven states which are signatories of the Colorado River Compact. The goal of the committee will be to improve the current Colorado River Compact and develop a drought contingency plan.