Thesis Project Planning Seminar (Whitman)

HNR 309 - Thesis Project Planning Seminar (Whitman)

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Term: Spring 2019
Class #: 42218
Section: M002
Credits: 1

Brandes, Pamela

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W 11:40am-12:35am


Course Description:

The purposes of HNR 309 (Section M002), the Thesis Project Planning Seminar, are to help students majoring in Whitman gain an understanding of what a thesis is, to understand what resources are available for successful completion, to identify your project topic and write a project proposal, to identify a faculty advisor, and to develop a project timeline. There will be a series of seminar meetings, assignments, and exercises designed to meet these goals. Although HNR 309 is not required, think of this as a (pass-fail) way to be introduced to several guest experts who will share tools and ideas to make business-related research easier. Unlike the other sections of HNR 309, you will meet solely with students that have at least one major in Whitman to learn about the variety of human, financial, and technological resources of most interest to business-focused students. Your thesis--the academic culmination of your undergraduate career--is an excellent way to learn more about your field, your abilities, and even your developmental areas. Your thesis can be a great highlight in job interviews as well as a stepping stone to graduate programs (now or in the future).