HNR 340 - Theory+Practice

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Term: Fall 2017
Class #: 12564
Section: M007
Credits: 3

Osborne III, William

Counts toward:
HNR Hum, Collaboration, Interdisciplinary

Course Time(s):
TuTh 02:00pm-03:20pm

Bowne Hall 306A

Course Description:

Theory+Practice: a creative projects studio. The goal of this course is for students to be fluent with contemporary arts culture. This will be accomplished by students engaging with current ideas and modes of production in a creative workshop environment. Ideas explain and inspire, and in some cases constitute artistic practice. The course will expose students to the dominant theories of artistic and cultural production and appreciation through specific readings in aesthetics and art theory--from modernism to Marxism, expressionism to ecofeminism, structuralism to conceptualism, meme theory to relationalism; simultaneously, students will put these ideas into practice both through a series of creative projects and through critical analysis of contemporary arts culture. Students will write, draw, film, play, install, and critique. In short, the student in Theory+Practice will understand creative arts culture by doing--writing, imaging, recording, producing--creative arts culture. No previous arts training required. Students will complete a multimedia portfolio of creative projects with accompanying theoretical statements.