Tell Your Story Walking

HNR 340 - Tell Your Story Walking

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Term: Spring 2020
Class #: 31208
Section: M004
Credits: 3

Rodgers,Jeffrey P

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MW 02:15pm-03:35pm

Bowne Hall 306D

Course Description:

This writing workshop is an opportunity for students with varying backgrounds and academic specialties to explore their shared interest in personal writing. Our focus is on nonfiction—writing narratives based on real-life experiences, events, and locales—but the course is less concerned with genre than with the tools that all good writers use: observing, interviewing, researching, sketching characters, setting scenes, drawing on personal experiences and emotions, developing a story arc, and, of course, editing and revising. The title (which comes from a Jonathan Lethem novel, and it's also a song by Deb Talan) refers to the fact that "telling your story" is obviously what students will be doing in the course, and the "walking" part suggests movement. We stress throughout the semester that the best writing is not stationary, not navel gazing, but a process of discovery and engaging with the world. During the semester students will write a series of short pieces based on specific assignments, plus one longer piece that is more open-ended in terms of its form. Students will also read each other’s work and provide feedback in class discussions and in writing, so a willingness to offer constructive criticism—and to receive constructive criticism—is essential for this course. In between writing assignments and workshops, we will read and discuss advice for writers (using texts such as Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird and Annie Dillard’s The Writing Life) as well as examples drawn from fiction and nonfiction, essays, travel writing, and literary journalism. Counts as Writing Intensive in the Arts & Sciences Liberal Arts Core.