The Greening of Mesoamerica: Plants in Aztec Culture

HNR 340 - The Greening of Mesoamerica: Plants in Aztec Culture

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Term: Fall 2019
Class #: 12635
Section: M004
Credits: 3

Aviles, Paul

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HNR Hum, Interdisciplinary, Course Global Non-Euro

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TuTh 09:30am-10:50am


Course Description:

Using plants as its lens, this course will introduce you to surprising dimensions of Aztec culture. After reconstructing the Aztec understanding of nature and relation to plants, the course will consider the Mesoamerican city as green space, investigating the Aztec garden tradition, especially the design of lavish royal pleasure gardens in urban centers. We will also explore how plants figured into religion, the visual arts, and poetry, spending ample time on the central role of corn and the widespread use of chinampa (“floating garden”) agriculture, a model of sustainability that has received considerable attention into the 21st century.