Structures and Innovation: How Engineers Shaped Our Urban Environment

HNR 360 - Structures and Innovation: How Engineers Shaped Our Urban Environment

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Term: Fall 2019
Class #: 13936
Section: M005
Credits: 3

Mac Namara, Sinead

Counts toward:
HNR Soc Sci, Interdisciplinary

Course Time(s):
MW 05:15pm-06:35pm


Course Description:

From the canal system that made Syracuse an economic gateway for a growing United States, to the Bridges that made New York City a thriving metropolis, engineers and their structures played a significant role in the economic, political, social, and aesthetic development of our urban environment. This course focuses on structural engineering through critical analysis of major works. Students will be introduced to methods of evaluating structures as an art form and understanding their role in the larger urban context. We will study the works, ideas and the writings of individual structural engineers; their elementary calculations, their builder's mentality and their aesthetic imagination. The course will examine contemporary exemplars that are essential to the understanding of 21st century structuring of cities. The class will visit New York City to perform a "structural scavenger hunt" to catalog the works of engineering that sustain the modern city.