Research and Writing (Honors) – With Service Learning

WRT 209 - Research and Writing (Honors)

MySlice Info:

Term: Spring 2018
Class #: 30906
Section: M240
Credits: 3


Counts toward:
Dept Hum

Course Time(s):
TuTh 11:00 am - 12:20 pm


Course Description:

This course builds on the skills and practices of WRT 109 by doing critical research and emphasizing composing in conversation with sources from the library and online as well as from interviews and experience. Students do individual and collaborative researched writing projects, and they use writing and research to explore the world, make claims, and persuade audiences.

Topic of Inquiry: Writing, Ethics, and Civic Discourses

Students will complete 2-3 hours of off-campus service per week (for a total of 20-25 hours this semester), at a site to be determined by the student and instructor. This service will count toward the Honors Program's service requirement.

Pre-requisite: WRT 105 or WRT 109