Rehearsal for the Revolution

HNR 210 - Rehearsal for the Revolution

MySlice Info:

Term: Fall 2017
Class #: 20906
Section: M003
Credits: 1

Cross, Stephen

Counts toward:
HNR Seminar (210,220,230)

Course Time(s):
M 05:15 - 06:35 pm

Sims Hall 237

Course Description:

What does oppression look like? How do repressive forces in your life cause stress, insecurity and isolation? What can we, the students of Syracuse University, do to liberate ourselves from the inequality we face? Get ready to explore these questions through games, image theatre and direct action. Students will become empowered through Theatre of the Oppressed, an arsenal of gamesercizes that motivate, foster dialogue, and create space for participants to rehearse for a practical revolution. The seminar is a think-tank and test-flight for students to overcome forces which confine them. While working towards transformation, students will increase their spontaneity, creativity, and confidence. Think art-meets-activism-meets-games-you-play-during-recess.