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It’s About Time: Queer Temporality from the Bible to the Babadook

HNR 340 - It's About Time: Queer Temporality from the Bible to the Babadook

MySlice Info:

Term: Spring 2019
Class #: 32810
Section: M003
Credits: 3

Welshans, Melissa

Counts toward:
HNR Hum, Interdisciplinary, Public Presentation

Course Time(s):
MW 3:45 - 5:05 pm

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Course Description:

This course will the relationship between sexuality and time. Namely, scholars have been increasingly interested in thinking about the effects of western society's celebration of certain life events--(heterosexual) marriage and parenthood--and how we can interpret the life experiences of individuals who do not (or cannot) follow this path. While this course will focus on reading literature and watching films, it will take an interdisciplinary approach to do so by drawing on the work of literary scholars, historians, biologists, and sociologists. Assignments for this class will include short papers and an in-class presentation.

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