Producing a Creative Nonfiction Anthology

HNR 340 - Producing a Creative Nonfiction Anthology

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Term: Fall 2020
Class #:
Credits: 3

Pepper Rodgers,Jeffrey

Counts toward:
HNR Hum, Collaborative

Course Time(s):
MW 12:45pm-02:05pm


Course Description:

This course provides an opportunity to spend a semester on a group creative project: producing an anthology of first-person nonfiction stories by SU honors students. Students will work as a team to review, select, and edit submissions; design layouts; publish the results in print and online; and publicize their work, while also engaging with broader ethical issues in personal narratives. Through this focused project, students will sharpen their writing and editing skills, gain experience in collaboration, and come away from the semester with a tangible product of their collective efforts.

The course is an outgrowth of HNR 340: Tell Your Story Walking, a creative writing workshop in which students write stories based on their lives and travels. Every year Tell Your Story Walking fosters outstanding work that merits a wider audience beyond the classroom—and the anthology produced by this course provides that public platform. Submissions are open not only to students who’ve taken Tell Your Story Walking but also to those in the honors community who’ve created nonfiction stories for other courses or their own interest.