Photography in the Civil Rights Era

HNR 340 - Photography in the Civil Rights Era

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Term: Fall 2019
Class #: 21259
Section: M005
Credits: 3

Bryant, Joan

Counts toward:
HNR Hum, Interdisciplinary, Collaboration

Course Time(s):
MW 3:45 - 5:05 pm


Course Description:

This seminar examines the role of photography in facilitating, interpreting, and documenting social, political, religious, and cultural dimensions of America’s Civil Rights era from 1960 to the 1971 Attica Prison uprising. It offers a venue to explore how visual images helped define this period as a discrete historical moment. Participants will research and analyze media photographs and other primary sources and critically assess scholarly and popular accounts of civil rights activism. They will use this work to curate an exhibition of Civil Rights era photographs, which will open in January 2020 at the African American Studies Department’s Community Folk Art Center. (The exhibition photographs are from the George R. Rinhart Collection, one of the largest privately held collections of American photography.) In addition to building skills in the practice of history, students will gain hands-on curatorial experience.

The seminar is open to students in the Honors Program and AAS majors and minors. Other students may enroll with permission from the instructor. Students who successfully complete the course will be eligible for a 1-credit seminar in Spring 2020 involving additional curatorial and docent activities related to the exhibition.