Perambulating Philosophers

HNR 210 - Perambulating Philosophers

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Term: Fall 2019
Class #: 20928
Section: M003
Credits: 1

Turner, Bradley

Counts toward:
HNR Seminar (210,220,230)

Course Time(s):
M 05:15pm-06:35pm


Course Description:

Walking in the world is a time-tested approach to jumpstart body and brain and latent creativity. Every walk promises possibility, novelty, and fruitful connections. In this class, we will discuss models of thoughtful strolling from Socrates to the Paris flâneur to Henry David Thoreau and contemporary essays. In a series of light readings, we will look for answers to the question: What, if anything, is special about walking for thinking? We will take the class on the move, and students will embark on independent walks or rolls and write about them. While we will focus on particulars of walking, we will be interrogating movement through space, physical and imaginative. Students with disabilities are welcome to join the seminar.