Modern American Spiritual Memoir

HNR 360 - Modern American Spiritual Memoir

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Term: Spring 2021
Class #: 42807
Section: M010
Credits: 3

Thompson,Margaret Susan

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HNR Soc Sci

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Tu 03:30pm-06:20pm


Course Description:

In this course we will look at how a variety of individuals used faith to help them negotiate the stresses and challenges of modernity in the years since World War II. Our readings will include persons of varying traditions, gender and sexual identities, ethnicities, etc. The emphasis will be on individual agency and the varieties of cultural contexts. Students will be expected to read extensively in common sources, to keep a reading journal, and also to produce a term project focusing on a theme of particular interest to them (conversion, apostasy, kyriarchy, disease, death, etc.). And, since this is a new course, there will be flexibility and openness to new approaches, even after the semester is underway.