Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy

PAF 101 - Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy

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Term: Spring 2019
Class #: 41803
Section: M002
Credits: 3

Coplin, William

Counts toward:
Dept Soc Sci, Collaboration

Course Time(s):
Lecture M002 MWF 12:45 - 1:40 pm; Honors Discussion M003 M 2:15 - 3:10 pm


Course Description:

This course will focus on techniques widely used by government, business, and public communications to evaluate public policy as well as their application to a problem area selected from research activities of Syracuse faculty in social sciences and professional schools. The Honors section will identify problems on campus and in the community and apply the skills in the course to ameliorate those problems. They will complete the written work required for the non‐honors portion of the course. Work in the Honors section will include participation in the weekly meeting and working on action projects outside of class.