Introduction to Mindfulness Practices

HNR 360 - Introduction to Mindfulness Practices

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Term: Fall 2020
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Credits: 3


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HNR Soc Sci

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Barnes Center at The Arch, Meditation Room

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Mindfulness is the skill of being deliberately attentive to one’s experience as it unfolds without judgment, commentary or conceptualization. The capacity to be mindful provides a pathway to overcoming unskillful habits of the mind that cause us to suffer needlessly, and improves our ability to be fully aware participants in our own lives. Mindfulness practices allow us to enhance our holistic wellbeing. This course is a practical guide to developing the skills of mindfulness practices and applying them to everyday aspect of life.

The foundational technique of mindfulness is the cultivation of intentional awareness, and it can be applied to the simplest aspects of life: sitting, breathing, walking, dressing, cleaning, speaking or driving all the way up to that most complex of human activities. Because it is an innate capacity, Mindfulness has been part of human experience since we have been humans, but scholarship tells us that the practice and development of it was first widely taught 2,600 years ago by the individual known today as the Buddha. Though we will reference his and other contemplative teachings as we move through the semester, this practice oriented course neither asserts, requires, nor refutes any particular religious or metaphysical belief, nor is it a religious studies class.