Introduction to Historical Archaeology/Honors

HST 145 - Introduction to Historical Archaeology/Honors

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Term: Spring 2020
Class #: 30613
Section: M002
Credits: 3

Greer,Matthew Clark

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Dept Soc Sci, Interdisciplinary, Course Global Non-Euro

Course Time(s):
Honors Discussion: W 02:15pm-03:10pm

Lyman Hall 411A

Course Description:

This course explores the role of history and archaeology in our understanding of the material record of the recent past (last 500 years) with a focus on diverse cultural contexts in the Americas. It examines historical archaeology as a mechanism to critique perceptions of the past. Archaeology is explored as a means to learn about initial cultural contacts and interactions among Indigenous, European, African, and Asian populations in the Americas. The class uses a case study approach examining contexts from the impact of early Spanish colonialism in the Caribbean and South America, Native and European interactions in early British colonial settlements in North America (including Jamestown and Plimoth), a variety of contexts associated with the African Diaspora-addressing issues of enslavement and the struggle for freedom, and even the archaeological lessons from mid-20th century Japanese American internment camps.


Can also be taken as ANT 145