India Through its Stories

HNR 360 - India Through its Stories

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Term: Spring 2019
Class #: 31997
Section: M001
Credits: 3

Wadley, Susan

Counts toward:
HNR Soc Sci, Interdisciplinary, Course Global Non-Euro

Course Time(s):
Tu 5:00pm-7:45pm


Course Description:

Societies’ existences are due in large part to common values, beliefs and world views. A primary way of passing these on is through stories—those thought to be true, those known to be ‘untrue’ but still passing on core beliefs, as well as those beloved for their humor or the sorrows portrayed. This course examines Indian society, with a special emphasis on gender (read male and female) and caste--issues of key concern in the 21st century--through a selection of stories both new and old, true and fictive, whether found in oral traditions, novels, poetry, paintings, or sculpture.