Humor, Irony, & Political Satire

HNR 340 - Humor, Irony, & Political Satire

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Term: Fall 2020
Class #: 21652
Section: M010
Credits: 3

Frieden,Kenneth B

Counts toward:
HNR Hum, Interdisciplinary

Course Time(s):
TuTh 02:00pm-03:20pm


Course Description:

How will we survive the 2020 election season? Humor and satire may help deal with difficult circumstances—and could even affect the outcome of this election. Many Americans experience late night comedy as political commentary.

We will study satires from Jonathan Swift to TV comedians, assisted by Freud’s theories of humor. Along the way, we will try to understand the relationships between ethnicity and humor. Why have Jews and African Americans been so prominent in American comedy?

While reading Stephen Rosenfield’s Mastering Stand-Up, students will write monologues, and then perform their original comic material in class. This is an opportunity to improve your public speaking—by learning how to perform better and funnier.