History of the Women’s Suffrage Movement

WGS 200 - History of the Women's Suffrage Movement

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Term: Spring 2014
Class #: 35532
Section: M001
Credits: 3

Sally Roesch Wagner

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HNR Soc Sci, Collaboration, Presentation

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W 6:45 - 9:45 pm |W 6:45 - 9:45 pm


Course Description:

In the area where the woman's rights movement had its origin, we'll trace the history of its development. Videos, field trips, readings, individual research, practical experience, web searches, and classroom lecture/ discussions will be the vehicles for our pursuit. The foreground focus will be on Matilda Joslyn Gage, a woman equally important with her more recognized counterparts, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. She will be the lens through which we explore the backdrop, the standard historical analysis of 19th century U.S. feminism. Students will learn about Gage through primary sources, primarily her correspondence, which has never been published. Veteran feminist activist Dr. Wagner will provide contrasting reflections from her experience in the 1960-70


Counts as Critical Reflections and Writing Intensive for Arts & Sciences Liberal Arts Core.