Grand Challenges 21st Century

HNR 210 - Grand Challenges of the 21st Century

MySlice Info:

Term: Fall 2020
Class #: 21670
Section: M005
Credits: 1


Counts toward:
HNR Seminar (210,220,230)

Course Time(s):
Selected Tuesdays 05:00pm-07:30pm


Course Description:

This seminar will be led by Professor Samuel Gorovitz, who has also taught the Honors courses Linked Lenses (with Prof. C.R. Newton), and Beautiful Minds. With a grounding in Philosophy, the seminar will bring philosophical depth and rigor to our understanding of the great challenges that confront us now and imminently. The course will be highly interactive, as students conduct research on these global issues and share their work in the classroom. As students engage with the course material, they will continue to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and expository skills.


Class will meet on the following Tuesdays from 5:00 - 7:30: 9/8, 9/29, 10/6, 11/3, and 12/8