Global Political Philosophy

HNR 340 - Global Political Philosophy

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Term: Fall 2019
Class #: 21159
Section: M003
Credits: 3

Baynes, Kenneth

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HNR Hum, Course Global Non-Euro

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TuTh 11:00 am - 12:20 pm


Course Description:

Globalization—growing worldwide interconnectivity and our awareness of it—has dramatically changed the way political theory can be conducted. It raises hard questions about the moral relevance of traditional political boundaries: Can states hold economic actors accountable for their conduct or are new forms of transnational governance required? Should states have exclusive right to control their borders or should those “outside” those borders also have a voice? Can human rights (or rights recognized in international documents like the UN Declaration) constrain how states behave and, if so, who should monitor their enforcement? Does justice apply only to citizens within a state or does it require that everyone born into the world should have an “equal opportunity” to pursue a fulfilling life? Who should bear responsibility for protecting the global environment and living conditions of future generations? Would there be a deep (perhaps even irreconcilable) conflict if we were to think of ourselves as citizens of the world (or “cosmopolitans”) as well as citizens of our respective “nation-states”? These questions (and many others) inform the relatively new and exciting discipline of “global political philosophy.”