General Physics I: Honors & Majors

PHY 215 - General Physics I: Honors & Majors

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Term: Spring 2014
Class #: 81408
Section: M001
Credits: 3

Prof. Peter Saulson

Counts toward:
Dept Nat Sci

Course Time(s):
T TH 11:00 am - 12:20 pm Recitation TBA


Course Description:

This course covers Mechanics, a field of study pioneered by Isaac Newton in the 17th century that is primarily concerned with describing the motion of macroscopic objects in response to forces. In developing this subject we will encounter several important concepts such as energy, momentum, and angular momentum. This course is geared towards physics majors and students in the Honors program. Thus, we will move at a fairly quick pace as we try to touch on more advanced topics beyond the standard Mechanics curriculum. The course involves two lectures per week with discussions of physical concepts along with extensive hands?on demonstrations. In addition, there will be problem?solving sessions (a recitation) each week with the times to be settled during the first week of the semester for compatibility with students