General Chemistry Lab II (Honors and Majors)

CHE 139 - General Chemistry Lab II (Honors and Majors)

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Term: Spring 2018
Class #: 30533
Section: M001
Credits: 1

Makhlynets, Olga

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W 2:15 pm - 5:15 pm


Course Description:

CHE 139, taught concurrently with CHE 422/622, is a laboratory course accompanying the lecture, CHE 119. This course is an introduction to chemical laboratory techniques. Groups consisting of CHE 139 and CHE 422/622 (Advanced Inorganic Chemistry) students will be conducting original research. Activities will include a literature search, writing a research proposal, conducting the proposed research, and summarizing the results in a paper and a research presentation. Techniques will encompass modern synthetic methods (inert gas techniques), and a variety of analytical and physical methods typically not available to General Chemistry students such as IR, NMR, UV-Vis, X-ray crystallography.

Credit is given for CHE 117 or CHE 139, but not both.