Gamification Journey

IST 400 - Gamification Journey

MySlice Info:

Term: Spring 2014
Class #: 46052
Section: M007
Credits: 3

Prof. Scott Nicholson

Counts toward:
HNR Soc Sci, Interdisciplinary

Course Time(s):
T 5:00 - 7:50 pm


Course Description:

The goal of this course is to escort players from non-involvement in a real world setting to being part of a community of practice using game design elements. During this class, students will explore existing gamification systems, design their own system of meaningful gamification, and then plan out the entire gamification journey for a commercial or non-profit setting. As this is a design class, no programming skills are required. Gamification is the term for taking elements from games and using them to motivate participants to engage with something in the real world. An example is Foursquare, where participants receive virtual rewards for checking in at physical locations. Many companies are using gamification for marketing, through rewarding points and status for customer loyalty. Educational organizations are turning to badges as a way of engaging learners in something other than a standardized text. During the first part of this class, we will explore different ways that rewards systems are being used to motivate people. But rewards have a dark side as well, especially when looking to the longer-term implication of manipulating behavior through rewards. Many organizations that are using reward-based gamification are not aware of the longer-term implications of relying upon rewards for engagement. Game scholars criticize gamification, as it focuses on the scoring systems from games and leaves behind what is truly engaging