From Salt to Super Bowl: Game-Changing Innovations from Syracuse

HNR 230 - From Salt to Super Bowl: Game-Changing Innovations from Syracuse

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Term: Spring 2017
Class #: 41180
Section: M001
Credits: 1

Edward Bogucz

Counts toward:
HNR Seminar (210, 220, 230)

Course Time(s):
Th 3:30 - 4:50 pm


Course Description:

The Syracuse metropolitan area has a rich history of innovations, beginning with the production of salt more than 200 years ago, and continuing to development of a transformational lighting technology that lit Super Bowl in February 2015. This seminar will explore the history of selected local innovations, including gears, typewriters, traffic lights, automobiles, heating and air conditioning systems, consumer and defense electronics, and lighting for sports arenas. The seminar will include visits to sites where people and places combined to create fertile hot spots for innovations, and discussions with entrepreneurial firms that are collaborating with SyracuseCoE to develop innovations in environmental and energy systems. Students will learn how innovators conceived ideas and developed commercial products, and how changes in the locations of firms over years served to change the landscape of economic vitality throughout the region.