Foundations of Human Behavior/Honors

PSY 209 - Foundations of Human Behavior/Honors

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Term: Fall 2016
Class #: 14386
Section: M003
Credits: 3

Anne Fontana

Counts toward:
Dept Soc Sci, Public Presentation

Course Time(s):
T TH 11:00 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.


Course Description:

This course is the Honors equivalent of PSY 205. It fulfills the introductory requirements for all additional coursework in psychology. It is designed to give the student a comprehensive overview of the field of psychology, and will cover some of the following topics: history of psychology, the human nervous system, learning and conditioning, emotion and motivation, developmental psychology, social psychology, perception, personality, and diagnosis and treatment of behavior disorders. Course will include discussion and field-based observation. Academic credit is given for PSY 205 or PSY 209, but not both.