Folk Arts and Oral Traditions of India

HNR 360 - Folk Arts and Oral Traditions of India

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Term: Spring 2018
Class #: 32080
Section: M001
Credits: 3

Wadley, Susan

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HNR Soc Sci, Course Global Non-Euro, Collaboration

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Tu 05:00pm-07:45pm


Course Description:

In Indian society, arts, oral texts, and religious traditions are intimately combined in folk performances such as those accompanying scrolls that are ‘read’ by a lone male singer, in stories told about gods and goddesses that are painted by women on the walls of bridal chambers, in puppet performances that endure into the night, and in myriad other ways. Focusing especially on 'folk' arts, and including practicums where we explore process, this course examines some of these traditions, while also teaching about caste, varied religious traditions, gender, the social lives of the rural masses, and of change—in design, maker, performance style.

Counts toward the Arts & Sciences Critical Reflections requirement.