Economics in History: Rosie the Riveter/Honors

ECN 310 - Economics in History: Rosie the Riveter/Honors

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Term: Spring 2016
Class #: 35408
Section: M002
Credits: 3

Prof. Jerry Evensky

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HNR Soc Sci

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MW 12:45 - 2:05 pm


Course Description:

The objectives of this course are: To understand two classic stories about values and choices: An economic story represented by Gary Becker's Economic Approach to Human Behavior and a social story represented by Berger and Luckmann's The Social Construction of Reality. To thoughtfully address the following question: Do we learn to value/choose from our social context (are values/choices socially constructed?), do we determine what we value/choose based on utility maximization (are values/choices an economic optimization process?), or is value/choice determined by some combination of these? To further develop your ability to research a topic and present your position in a persuasive paper by: Efficiently finding useful sources, taking effective and efficient notes, using the information you accumulate to imagine and develop your own representation of an answer to the question we are addressing, and developing a logical presentation of your representation. To write a high quality research paper on values/choices using the values/choices of those women represented by image of Rosie the Riveter as your empirical base: What motivated these women to move into and then out of the traditionally male sectors of the labor market over the course of the World War II years?