Earth Sciences Laboratory

EAR 104 - Earth Sciences Laboratory

MySlice Info:

Term: Fall 2020
Class #: 20120
Section: M016
Credits: 1


Counts toward:
(attribute applies to EAR 105)

Course Time(s):
Th 02:00pm-04:00pm


Course Description:

Honors Earth Science Laboratory (EAR 104) is a co-requisite for Honors EAR 105, and consists of weekly 2-hour laboratory, field, and computer exercises designed to augment and amplify the subject material covered in the lectures. Hands-on work with minerals and rocks, using petrographic microscopes, learning the basics of mapping and map interpretation, understanding fossils, looking at rocks, minerals, fossils and other features in context in outcrops around the Syracuse area will be the focus of several field trips.


Required lab for Honors EAR 105.