(Dis)abling Comic Books

HNR 360 - (Dis)abling Comic Books

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Term: Spring 2016
Class #: 48265
Section: M004
Credits: 3

Diane Wiener

Counts toward:
HNR Soc Sci, Interdisciplinary, Collaboration, Public Presentation

Course Time(s):
MW 3:45 - 5:05 pm


Course Description:

"Cripping" the Comic Con is an international, interdisciplinary symposium on disability and popular culture ("Crip Con," for short), with a focus on comics, graphic novels, manga, and various related representations, held annually at Syracuse University. The scholarly and comics convention elements denoted in the term "con" amplify the critical underpinnings of the event. Honors students participating in this unique, rigorous seminar will explore: --the vitality of comics as a form of longstanding cultural commentary promoting empowerment within and across disenfranchised populations, including People with Disabilities --how disability and numerous, intersecting identities, affect the politics of representation, audience voicedness and reception, and intertextual interpretation --the pros, cons, and nuances accompanying the reimagining of historical comic representations alongside the complexities of creating contemporary, at times "still" problematic representations --analyses and promotion of inclusive and accessible artistic production (including comics in multiple formats and via varied platforms) --creative marketing and public relations principles --the roles within and adaptations of comics into myriad forms and contexts, including film, television, music, poetry, gaming, toys, as well as vice versa (i.e. comics arising from and being inspired by a spectrum of popular cultural "products") Students will be expected to do independent, interdisciplinary research on relevant topics of their own choosing, which they can elect (but will not be required) to share during the 4th annual "Cripping" the Comic Con symposium, to be held in April, 2016. Students *will* be expected to share their research during a "mini 'Crip' Con" to be held during the class's conclusion, to which all Honors students, faculty, and guests will be invited.