Digital Commons

HNR 340 - Digital Commons

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Term: Fall 2016
Class #: 14868
Section: M001
Credits: 3

David Reilly

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TH 2:00 - 4:45 p.m.


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From the New York Times to the Daily Beast, Newsweek to Vanity Fair, digital publishing has become the “agora” for public intellectuals. Writers like James Wolcott, the late Christopher Hitchens, Julian Barnes, Maude Newton, David Corn and Toure have become daily bloggers, Twitterers, and Facebook feeders. This course is led by a widely read contemporary writer whose blogs have a national following. We will explore the many intersections between traditional writing and publishing and the ways that digital information uses both traditional and new methods of persuasion and expression to present ideas to the “online” public. Students will write their own blogs and reference the digital commons as part of the course.