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HNR 220 – Living with Dying

Course Schedule:

Tu 05:00pm-06:20pm


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Sarver, Peter

Counts toward:

HNR Seminar (210,220,230)

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Class #: 32319
Section: M004
# Credits: 1

Course Description:

The title of this seminar seems to be a paradox. How can we talk about dying and living in the same breath? We believe that the personal recognition of our mortality is a step toward engaging life to the fullest. Death anxiety is a barrier consciously or unconsciously that prevents us from making the most of opportunities in our work and family life. Unresolved grief over previous losses is an active element of such anxiety. Living with Dying may be the process that helps unlock more of your potential. This series is oriented toward “experiential learning,” using your personal experience and that of others to explore various concepts and techniques that may be helpful in your journey.

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